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Do you make venison jerky? What is your preferred method? Ground meat from a "shooter," or strips? Do you use a dehydrator? What is the make and model? Do you use the oven? Please share your tips and techniques!

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In the past I sliced little .250 thick slabs from backstraps and sprinkled the cure and seasoning on them from a kit. That worked well, but this season I tried grinding the scraps into hamburger, mixing in the seasoning, and squeezing out 1" wide X 1/8" think wafers with a jerky gun, which also worked. This all in a dehydrator. I get many comments on my "perfected" jerky, but the truth is I haven't a clue. In fact, I wonder if it's possible to do jerky wrong?
I don't like the burger method of jerky. I have liked the flavor of some I have had in the past.I just don't like the texture. You just can't beat the flavor of strip jerkey. There is a method to the madness tho. I have used several recipes and added a few twist. Like adding hot sauce or red pepper flakes. The thing I like to do is just open the spice cabinet and just pick put what i like and have fun. Just remember dont add to much of one particular liquid. Like Liquid smoke it cant over power everything. Just make it to your taste. I like mine spicy. I used a dehydrator that has a fan. I have learned you have to play close attention to the product so you dont over do it. Overdone jerkey is not good.
stubbs makes a good marinade for beef that does well for me. i also dont like the burger and gun method. so i cut up steaks and soak overnight. then use an electric dehydrator. got to keep an eye on it though, like the other poster said its no good over dried!

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